Wendy Alec

WENDY ALEC - Founder & President of GOD TV

The 3-in-1 Outstanding Contribution to Literature Award 

Chronicles of Brothers & Journal of the Unknown Prophet

3-in-1 Outstanding Christian Fiction Writer Award

Chronicles of Brothers

Chronicles of Brothers & Journal of the Unknown Prophet

Chronicles of Brothers


WENDY ALEC is a writer, TV producer, and film maker, the head of GOD TV and a director of WarBoys Entertainment. She has written several books, including the epic fantasy series, Chronicles of Brothers. She co-founded the GOD TV network in 1995 and is the network's President and CEO.  She has featured in 3-in-1 The Voice.


Alec published the first book in her Chronicles of Brothers series, The Fall of Lucifer, in January 2006. She published the second book, Messiah—The First Judgement in November 2007, Son of Perdition in December 2009, and A Pale Horse in December 2012.[12]Alec has expressed interest in adapting her novels into screenplays


Alec published an autobiography, Against All Odds, in 2001. 'She is also the author of 'Journal of the Unknown Prophet', which is presented as a prophetic revelation given to her by God.[16] Visions From Heaven - Visitations To My Father's Chamber is Alec's second 'prophetic' journal. 


Alec has been recognized with an 'Outstanding Contribution to Literature Award' for Chronicles of Brothers and the Journal of the Unknown Prophet and 'Outstanding Fiction Writer' for Chronicles of Brothers in the Exceptional Writers Awards. (Citation from Wendy's Wikipedia page)

WENDY appeared in our first ever Christmas Edition in 2009 of 3-in-1 The Voice -  IN FOCUS. 


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