Ellie Palma-Cass

Speaker & Broadcaster

Resurrection Internet Radio TX, USA

The 3-in-1 Exceptional Newcomer Award

Broken to Blooming

Broken to Blooming


ELLIE PALMA-CASS is an in-demand, loved and anointed speaker and writer. Despite her extraordinary, compelling and death-defying testimony, which begins at the mere age of 11 days old, Ellie has always maintained a huge capacity to love others and to always cling to the hope that there must be a better way.


At the age of 29 years old, after life had taken so many turns, she was torn between living in this world or ending it all. She was desperate for help and in her despair cried out to a God she didn’t even know existed. Subsequently, she gave her life to Jesus and thus began a very different life and one that would take her through many more battles on her path to healing. Ellie’s testimony is one of the Kingdom’s most unique and powerful ones and gives massive hope to thousands of people around the world who find themselves abandoned, rejected, destitute and beaten into the ground.


She is fast becoming one of the most sought after, inspirational speakers in the UK and will launch her first book ‘Broken To Blooming’ in early 2015. Her commitment is to loving and investing in people and empowering them to acknowledge and live abundantly in the love of Christ! As she states time and time again “It’s all about being a vessel. It’s all about saving souls.” Meet Ellie Palma-Cass; Servant of Christ, devoted mother, author, speaker and blogger!

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