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Beyond the Moon, Sky and Stars
Christian Short Reads

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Publisher: 3-in-1 Publishing

Author: Karin McBride-Chenoweth

Gabriella (known as Gaby to her friends) is a good and clever little angel with one minor fault. She has a wing obsession and spends far too much time admiring other angels’ wings and wishing hers were better. She also wishes for a better job. She is very good at her job of delivering messages but longs for something greater. To sum it up, Gaby spends far too much of her time sitting on a cloud and wishing.
One day her supervisor Angela arrives with great news! Gaby's wishes have been heard and God has promoted Gaby from a cherub to guardian angel. Angela hands her the instructions of Gaby's first assignment. If she is successful, she will be given new wings...but there is more, much more. God arrives to tell Gaby that great things lie ahead for her and shows her a vision, but only she can prove herself worthy. This is something that only Gaby can find out for herself.

Is Gaby prepared to do what it takes and will she be able to discover her worthiness?

This endearing little book is broken up into easy-to-read chapters that can be read all at once or one chapter at a time as a bedtime story. The book is directed at children of all ages and provides an important message about patience and selflessness that resonates in all religions, and even in no religion at all, as a basic tenet of humanity.





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