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AL GIBSON writes about inspirational leaders, their unshakeable faith and how they overcame impossible obstacles. -


In close on 30 years in media, Al has interviewed many inspirational leaders. As an author, his passion is to inspire readers with true-life stories of those who have overcome impossible obstacles. His first book, 'Life on the Line' focuses on Des Sinclair who was kicked out of home as a boy and met God on a rubbish dump! This was the start of an amazing journey where Des was left for dead several times, yet he miraculously survived and now encourages people to become a lifeline to others.


Al met Annie Chikhwaza in 2006 and was overwhelmed by her account of how love can prevail in the direst of circumstances. He first interviewed her in 2009 and wrote Mother of Malawi over a three-year period, which included a visit to Malawi to experience the wonder of Kondanani first-hand. Visit to find out more about the orphanage and for the latest news about Al's books.


Al has written two books published internationally by Lion Hudson, Mother of Malawi, the biography of Annie Chikhwaza ( and Life on the Line, the biography of Des Sinclair. (

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Wordsmith/Editor @ GOD TV

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